Stand Out with a Designer Style Resume

Could your resume use a refresh or more of a designer style look?  

At Transition Solutions we’ve been helping our clients navigate workforce changes for over 30 years. We often get asked about when to leverage a more designer style resume.  

The answer is, it depends based on your role. If you are in a more creative field, creating a fresh, new designer style resume will not only help you stand out from other candidates, but can also showcase your creative skills.  

We offer the following five tips as you refresh your resume to a designer style based on the sample below.

1. Header section. You can include a photo, your initials or just your name. You should also include your job title(s) you are seeking and brief summary section that is 1 to 2 sentences in length and describes your core skills and competencies. Be specific, avoid over-used words, and include key words that mirror job descriptions you will be applying for.
2. Experience. Include your relevant experience and highlight your accomplishments with results. Avoid just listing job responsibilities. Your results will be what differentiates you from other candidates.
3. Contact. List your email, cell phone, LinkedIn URL and location. Specific addresses are no longer a requirement for resumes, unless it could give you an advantage based on the location of the roles you are applying for.
4. Education. List your higher education degree(s), relevant training and certifications. Consider leaving off dates if over 20 years to avoid ageism. 5. Skills. Include the most relevant skills with a scale like the one shown to indicate your level of proficiency. 
Looking for a tool to help you create a designer style resume?  
Canva is a great tool with free resume templates you can leverage. Their blog post here reviews ten of their free templates to consider.  

If you do create a designer template, we offer a couple additional suggestions below. 

* Save as PDF. You should save a designer style resume as a pdf to ensure the formatting is consistent for the viewer.

* Create a simple version in Microsoft Word. Creating a simple version of your resume assists with applicant tracking systems that many companies leverage today to filter resumes automatically.  

Keep in mind with your resume, the answers to the test are in the job description. Regardless of the style of resume you choose, the more your resume reflects the requirements of the job you are applying for, the better chance you have breaking through to an interview.

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