Successfully Networking During the Summer

Are you considering taking a break from your job search and networking efforts during the summer?

Companies are still hiring throughout the summer. In fact, per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the last business day of April, the number and rate of U.S. job openings was 11.4 million. 

Summer is typically a great time to connect with your network, meet new people and find your next career opportunity.

At Transition Solutions we’ve been helping our clients navigate workforce changes and career transitions for over 30 years. We coach our clients they should enjoy the activities of summer and leverage the approaches below to make the most out of networking opportunities.

Suggestions for Successfully Networking This Summer:

  1. Keep your daily activity levels strong! As tempting as it can be to take time off during the summer, time can slip by quickly and opportunities can be missed. We suggest setting daily goals such as 2-3 calls per week. Summer events provide a built-in excuse to connect.
  2. If you are asked about your job search at summer parties, be POSITIVE! Remember that you are defined by who you are and what you do, not by this current career transition.  Be prepared to answer where you work and what you do with something like, “I have worked at some great places, most recently ABC company.”
  3. Virtual networking is still important. Although in-person events are returning, connecting virtually is here to stay. If you are still unfamiliar with these platforms, now is the time to learn them. It’s also important to turn your camera on during meetings to allow other attendees to see your face and have a more personal connection.
  4. Making the most of hybrid events.  Hybrid events involve a live-streamed event for remote attendees, combined with a in-person portion of the event. As mentioned above, if you are connecting virtually, be sure to turn your camera on! If you are attending in-person, you might miss the opportunity to connect with an industry peer who is participating virtually. Be sure to ask for the attendee list before the event so you can follow up after and schedule a coffee meeting to discuss the event, market trends, and any business opportunities.
  5. Ask questions and remember names: While networking it’s important to ask relevant questions and remember people’s names. Suggestions for remembering names are to review attendee lists in advance, write individual and company names down if attending virtually and repeat names back when you meet people virtually or in-person for the first time.
  6. Make and ask for introductions. Although, it’s fine to spend more time getting reacquainted with people in our network you may not have seen for a while, remember to ask for introductions if you know one of your colleagues has a connection that might benefit you. And certainly be willing to make connections for your friends as well.
  7. Vacations are great opportunities to meet new people! With so many remote jobs available today, your next job opportunity could likely be based anywhere. Therefore, take advantage of the chance to meet new people on your vacations who may have shared interests and possibly work for a company that is hiring.

Certainly taking time to reconnect with family and friends you may not have seen for a while is important and you should make the time to enjoy summer. We also want you to make the most of these opportunities as you look to land your next role and hope the above advice will help you do so.

At Transition Solutions, we have been helping companies and individuals with workforce changes for thirty years. Our strong reputation for consistently delivering exceptional service at value sets us apart.

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