Talent Development and Training Strategies

Is your company focused on talent development and training?

At Transition Solutions, we have been helping companies and individuals with workforce changes and outplacement services for 30 years.

Based on a recent survey our clients, a top priority for HR leaders in 2021 is talent development and training.

The way people access and consume training changed in 2020, especially the movement away from traditional face-to-face to virtual. Many organizations shifted to remote working models and look to their HR leaders to engage and capitalize on a global pool of talent.

Being able to adapt quickly was a lesson learned in 2020 that will continue to be necessary in 2021. Trainingindustry.com recently shared insights on 2021 Training and Development areas to focus on summarized below.

  1. Adopt Agile Methodology. Using the Agile development methodology enables training and development teams to:
  2. Iterate quickly and often, using tools like design documents, graphic storyboards and mockups to collect frequent feedback from stakeholders.
  3. Ensure that the training and development process remains flexible, helping the solution evolve as the customer’s vision solidifies.
  4. Integrate Social and Informal Learning Strategies. Learners in 2021 expect and need informal and social learning opportunities. Focus training and development planning in these areas:
  5. Offset the forgetting curve by building learning into the flow of work, reinforcing important information so that it changes behavior and becomes a habit.
  6. Provide on-demand and accessible performance support systems.
  7. Develop learning programs that blend live virtual training with self-paced modules and microlearning objects.
  8. Measure the Business Impact of Training. Identify an approach to measure and maximize the business impact of training. Ensure that training content and modalities support enterprise strategy and tactics, and collaborate with business stakeholders, making sure all training solutions solve a business problem.

The role of HR leaders to help engage and develop talent in 2021 will continue to be essential for companies to remain competitive in our ever changing world. At Transition Solutions, we’ve been helping organizations and individuals with workforce changes for 30 years. We have developed a robust personalized and customized approach to planning and executing every situation. Our strong reputation for consistently delivering exceptional service at value sets us apart.

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