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Identifying Target Companies In Your Job Search

At Transition Solutions, we have been helping companies and individuals with workforce changes and outplacement services for 30 years. We coach our clients in a career transition to invest time in identifying a target list of companies and here’s why.

Finding your next job can be a daunting task. Identifying specific companies where you would like to be employed will help you be more efficient and be able to better leverage your network to help you land in your ideal job.

We recommend sifting through key considerations such as the ones below to come up with a list of 10 to 20 companies you’d like to work for.  

  • Location. Although many companies now allow remote work, often there is still a need to meet in person, so location can be a key consideration. Most job search tools can help you identify companies by location.
  • Culture. Companies can have very different cultures and values. It’s important to understand what’s most important to you in terms of how a company functions or their overall mission. For example, if sustainability is important to you, finding a company that offers sustainable products or is focused on the circular economy could be a great fit for you. Glassdoor can be a great resource to research a company’s culture and what employees say about it.
  • Flexibility. If being able to work where you want and when you want is essential to you, identifying companies that share this value will be important. Some companies promote flexibility in job descriptions or on their websites. Leveraging your network can also help to validate a company’s commitment to this attribute.
  • Opportunity. Finding companies that fit with your values is important, although there must also be opportunities for you to get hired. Job search tools such as LinkedIn or Indeed will identify if companies are hiring. You can also leverage company’s websites for career opportunities and current news to find out about expansion plans.
  • Industry. Industry can be a great consideration based on your interests and experience to help you determine the companies you are most interested in working for. Job search tools often have an industry filter you can use.
  • Size. Do you prefer large companies with big budgets and resources or would you like to work more in a startup atmosphere with a flat management structure? Most job search tools have the ability for you to narrow search results by size of company.
  • Your Network. Companies you have a lot of connections at can be great considerations for your target list as you already know people who work there to help you learn more and potentially get hired.

Still need help identify target companies? The BalanceCareers offered some additional suggestions below.

  • Review lists: There are websites with lists of the best companies to work for. Fortune, for example, ranks companies by a variety of criteria, including the 100 best companies, the 500 top companies, blue ribbon companies, most admired companies, best small companies, and so on. You can also look at lists generated by organizations within your industry.
  • Go local: Your local Chamber of Commerce is an ideal resource for finding local companies. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a directory you can search to find your local Chamber of Commerce. Then visit the Chamber’s website to see if there is a directory of local companies. You can also use LinkedIn to search local companies.
  • Take advantage of organizations: Professional associations typically have lists of member companies. Use it to find member companies at associations in your career field and/or industry.

Once you have identified your list of target companies, leverage your network to validate your research and identify opportunities. The more specific you can be in your networking discussions, the better your chances are of getting an interview.

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