Writing a Captivating Resume

Is your resume captivating to the reader?

At Transition Solutions we’ve been helping our clients navigate workforce changes for over 30 years. As part of our outplacement services we coach our clients on how to create a captivating resume with the primary objective to obtain interviews. This critical document creates an image of the product – you!  It is your advertisement.

Although resumes remain a cornerstone for job search efforts, many job seekers do not invest time in ensuring their resume is captivating or even error free. In fact, Career Builder shared a survey finding based on input from hiring managers that 77 percent of resumes reviewed contained a typo or bad grammar! In addition to errors, listed below are the top 3 resume mistakes that were instant deal breakers to the hiring managers surveyed:

  1. Typos or bad grammar: 77 percent
  2. Unprofessional email address: 35 percent
  3. Resume without quantifiable results: 34 percent

Making sure your resume is error free is important, but your resume also needs to be captivating to get interviews! How do you do this?

Resumes should speak to your personal brand with the objective to get you an interview. Over the years, how resumes are viewed and used continues to evolve. Below are our top 10 strategies for writing a captivating resume.

  1. Keep it relevant. Only include information and key words on your resume that are relevant to the role you are applying for. Keep in mind that the average recruiter will assess your resume in 6 to 10 seconds!
  2. Resumes should be no more that 1 to 2 pages. You typically only want to include 10 to 15 years of relevant experience, unless the job calls for more, since the hiring company may think you are too expensive. Only include a 3rd page if you have relevant accomplishments that would significantly add value.
  3. Contact Info. Always include your name, contact information and LinkedIn URL at the top. You can include your address, but typically only city and state are necessary.
  4. Summary Section. Below your name, replace “objective” with the specific role(s) you are seeking including a summary paragraph. Include 3 – 5 sentences that speak to your brand. Call out why you are the best candidate for the job you’re seeking. Take this section seriously, since it’s where most recruiters and hiring managers start!
  5. Skills. Bullet your relevant skills under the summary paragraph to help recruiters and automated programs find you. Include current computer skills in this section.
  6. Experience. For the common chronological resume, outline your experience with your most current role first. Also, include your education, but leave off the year of your schooling unless it’s still in process.
  7. Focus on accomplishments including results. Call out your accomplishments within your experience! These are what differentiate you as a candidate. Include quantifiable or qualitative results whenever possible.
  8. Supporting your personal brand. Everything else you choose to include should support your personal brand. For example, only include volunteer experience or professional associations if they will make you a more attractive candidate for the role you are applying for.
  9. References should be on a separate document. And you also do not need to note that references will be provided on request.
  10. Leverage the job description for what to include in your resume. Ensure your resume reflects key words that are in the job posting if you have those skills. The major purpose of a resume is to obtain interviews. 

Take time to make your resume captivating and have someone review it to make sure it’s error free! This critical document creates an image of the product – you!  It is your advertisement.

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