Researching your Target Companies

Could you use advice for how best to research companies you’d like to target in your job search?

At Transition Solutions, we have been helping companies and individuals with workforce changes for 30 years. Conducting research to identify your target company list can be a daunting task. We coach our clients to leverage the techniques and tools summarized below to determine their top 10 to 15 companies to work for.

Top Ways to Research and Identify your Target Companies:

  • Networking. Your network is one of your most valuable resources to help uncover the companies you most want to work for. Your connections can provide insights on the company culture, management style, direction, opportunities, upcoming changes and more.
  • Who’s hiring? Companies that are growing can be more appealing in terms of job security and opportunity. Leveraging job search engines and company websites to find organizations that are hiring in your field can help you identify target companies based on opportunity.
  • Social media and blogs. Most companies have a social media presence or published blogs where you can gain valuable insights about what’s going on at the company and their culture. Taking the time to review postings and articles can help answer questions such as, ‘Does it align with your own style and work culture?’ and ‘What is the tone or voice of the blog and social media and does it correlate with your own style?’
  • Company websites and current news. Review websites thoroughly to uncover company history, target segments, products and services, financials, annual reports, etc.
  • Find companies that align with your personal interests. Researching list of top companies that match your personal interests can reveal places to work that you might not have considered. For example, if sustainability is important to you, GrowEnsemble recently published this list of the top 10 most sustainable companies in 2022: 1. Patagonia; 2. Seventh Generation; 3. A Good Company; 4. New Belgium Brewing; 5. Pela; 6. Dr. Bronner’s; 7. Preserve; 8. Numi Organic Tea; 9. Rogue Creamery; 10. West Paw.
  • Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Hoovers. There are many additional tools to help you research companies. Glassdoor is an insightful tool to research current and former employee feedback. LinkedIn can help you identify network connections, jobs and current news. Hoovers is one of the largest company databases with financials, contact information and news.
  • Local Resources. Connecting locally with your Chamber of Commerce can help you find companies close to you geographically. You can also leverage professional associations in your target industries for networking and identifying companies.   

Investing the time in developing a well-researched and succinct target list of 10 to 15 companies will help you better manage the job search process and make the most value of your networking efforts. Looking for more information on developing your target company list? Check out our blog on the Value of a Target Company List

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