Value of Target Company List

Do you have a target company list as part of your job search efforts?

At Transition Solutions, we have been helping companies and individuals with workforce changes for 30 years. We coach our clients to identify a target company list as part of their job search efforts.

Identifying specific companies you’d love to work for is time well spent. Areas to consider as you determine your list are location, company culture, flexibility, products or services offered, your career goals, where you have connections, overall opportunities for growth, financial soundness and personal interests.

You can also leverage current lists for the top companies to work for. For example, last week Glassdoor revealed their list of the top 100 companies to work for in 2022 based on employee ratings summarized below. Glassdoor’s list features winning employers across a range of industries, including technology, health care, real estate, retail, travel and tourism, consulting, finance, and more. Notably, many technology companies made their 2022 list thanks in part to their flexible work environments, consistent support throughout the pandemic, and a focus on better pay, benefits, and work-life balance. Of note is that five of their top 10 companies made their top 10 list two years in a row, including NVIDIA, HubSpot, Bain & Company, Google, and lululemon.

Glassdoor’s 2022 Best Places to Work: Top 10 U.S. large companies

  2. HubSpot
  3. Bain & Company
  4. eXp Realty
  5. Box
  6. Boston Consulting Group
  7. Google
  8. Veterans United Home Loans
  9. lululemon
  10. Salesforce

Glassdoor is an insightful tool to research a company based on current and former employee feedback. LinkedIn, Hoovers and company websites also provide useful information to help you narrow your list. Certainly your network is important as well to identify opportunities and understanding a company’s culture.

Still looking for ideas to find companies you’d love to work for? Try going local by connecting with your Chamber of Commerce to find companies close to you geographically. You can also leverage professional associations connected to your target industries as these organizations typically have lists of member companies or events where you can network with others in your industry.  

A succinct target list of 10 to 15 companies will help you better manage the job search process and make the most value of your networking efforts. The more specific you can be with your network in how they can best help you the better. For example, if you know the companies you want to work for, you can focus on your network connections that work there or know someone who works there. LinkedIn is the perfect tool to identify where you have 1st or 2nd connections to your target companies.

Lastly, the time you spend upfront investigating companies could also benefit you in the long run because you won’t end up working for a company that is not a good fit and might result in starting the job search process all over.

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